How to Build A Personal Brand As A Doctor

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        Thanks to Ernesto I've not only been able to launch my career as a professional speaker, manage my time better and give new direction to my career. But he's helped me recognize the value of my contributions and charge for my time and skills appropriately.

        Paulina Perez-Duarte, MD


        Dr . E is a professionals professional. His ability to lead and mentor those of us that want to make a difference in this world by approaching people in a unique manner amazes me every time.

         My path has been greatly influenced by following in his footsteps

        Kevin Davis, PA-c


        Dr E is a multitalented doctor, who has excelled in his medical career and has always been dedicated to learning and sharing his knowledge.

        Jorge Zafra, MD

        Your investment into this Masterclass is going to give you everything you need to master my proven 3-Part Framework to build a Personal Brand that makes patients line up to work with you.

        Not to mention you're getting all of my super-powerful Rockstar Content Plan which makes your content creation process easy, fast and, dare I say, FUN!

        In fact, I'm so confident about the incredible value of this training that I'm making you THIS promise:

        If you don't walk away with complete certainty and a full, 90 day content strategy, complete with content ideas that you can begin posting right away…

        I'll give you 100% of your money back!

        Look, I don't need to tell you that if you can't effectively build a Personal Brand that increases your perceived authority, how do you ever expect your patients to choose YOU over all the options they now have access to?

        The answer: they probably won't!

        But with the strategies and techniques I've developed after more than a decade of private clinical practice, plus 6 years of healthcare business coaching and consulting, you will never again find yourself justifying your prices to those patients who really need your help.

        So, let's get started!